06.2018, PICT-AGENCIA new funding

AGENCIA just funded one of our main projects: Study the role of microRNAs during brain cortex development!


05.2018, new funding by AGENCIA/GSK

Very happy to announce that ANPCYT in partnership with GSK funded a project we are part of, to find new molecular targets in difficult to treat breast cancer types (triple negative type). Congratulations to all the members of the PCE-GSK-2017-0052 project!


04.2018, welcome Paula Aguirre to the lab!


03.2018, new funding by MINCYT/BMBF

We are very glad to announce that MINCYT/BMBF funded our partnership with Dr. Julieta Alfonso at DFKZ/Heidelberg to study microRNA regulatory pathways involved in neuronal migration.   


01.2018, welcome Paula Gonzalez to the lab!


11.2017, our lab got funded by FPM

"Fundacion para el Progreso de la Medicina" funded our project "Rol de los microRNAs en el desarrollo de cáncer de mama mediado por quinasas oncogénicas" in collaboration with Dr. Albana Gattelli at IFIBYNE/UBA. Thanks for the support!


05.2017,  Ready, steady, gooooo!!!!!!

I am looking for motivated BSc, MSc and PhD students to perform thesis work at the lab. Anybody ready for adventure is welcome to join the lab! If you are interested, please send an email with a CV and a recommendation letter to


02.2017,  we are opening at IIB UNSAM

We found a superb hosting Institution to perform our research: the Institute of Biotechnological Investigations at Universidad Nacional de San Martin (IIB-UNSAM).



UNSAM - Campus Miguelete IIB - Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas, Av. 25 de Mayo y Francia CP(1650), San Martín, Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel. (5411)4006-1500 (2105), Fax: (5411)4006-1559, email: /